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  • Erin D. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    Benton Martial Arts has been a blessing for my step-daughter. She has gained confidence, social skills and the importance of winning and losing in life. These are all qualities that Mr. & Mrs. Fulgium have taught her in each class. They are patient, respectful and most importantly put the students and skills first. We are eternally grateful for them and what they have brought to our family.

    Erin D.
  • Keith C. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    Mr. & Mrs. Fulgium are GREAT with the kids and the program is awesome. They don't simply review and instruct martial arts, they are also instilling good values and discipline into each student. They take the time and really get to know the students too which helps the students stay invested in the program!

    Keith C.
  • Douglas T. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    Marshal and his family at Benton Martial Arts are awesome! Great Martial Arts school and family oriented business!! Highly recommended!

    Douglas T.
  • Leighton A. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    I have nothing but great things to say about Benton Martial Arts and the Fulgium family. As beginners, my boys have been treated like they are part of the family... they love it and can't wait to go every week.

    Leighton A.
  • Annette K. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    I have visited and trained at other martial arts facilities, but this is the place I chose for my daughter. After witnessing the loving, Christian, supportive and motivational environment; I moved my martial arts training to BMA as well. This school is unlike any other - yes, you get the confidence and skill boosting of martial arts training; but to get this in a family, Christian environment where you really are family with your training brothers and sisters is indescribable. I recommend this school to everyone (the unexpirenced, the experienced, the young kid, the older adult, and even older women who have never trained)!

    Annette K.
  • Felicia S. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    We love Benton Martial Arts! My child drives me crazy asking when he will get to go back to class. He was even mad that the his belt ceremony was only that and not class time. I can't wait to see how much he grows here.

    Felicia S.
  • Emily L. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    It's really fun once you actually get the hang of it! I'm on the verge of my 3rd year, and I've made a lot of cool friends through this school!

    Emily L.
  • Mandy R. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    Love this school. Amazing God loving, family centered instructors. We were proud to be members of this team. Miss it so much. So happy they are growing. Best place for kids and adults to train. Y'all just keep getting better!

    Mandy R.
  • Derek R. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    I truly love it. It's a Christian environment that promotes discipline and self defense. Awesome after school programs. Parents night out etc. I have three kids attending and me and my wife. We have several 40 plus year olds in adult classes. It's great just for the health benefits alone!!

    Derek R.
  • Scott T. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    BMA spends time working with every student to make them understand WHY things are done the way they are done. the school owners are at every class and tournament to teach and support their students.

    Scott T.
  • Kristy R. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    My boys love it here! We couldn't ask for a better school or instructors!

    Kristy R.
  • Josh E. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    Awesome school with awesome values! Have fun and learn how to protect yourself!

    Josh E.
  • Heather L. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    Excellent school!! Great family atmosphere! This school has it all!

    Heather L.
  • Christopher R. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    My son loves it here! They work with all ages and levels. The staff is very friendly!

    Christopher R.
  • Jimmy M. , Benton Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great place and great instructors. Me and my son love training here.

    Jimmy M.


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